giovedì, agosto 23, 2007

Beer Wor(l)d.

Just a short comment today. A brief overview of the post I have been uploading to Atramentum let me see that the subject that people prefer is... drinking!
Independently of the language I chose, those time I have written about wine or Bierstüben I received most comments. A first and light irony coul lead us to the thought that this blog is read by drunken people or, at least by alcohol friendly readers. The second option seems to be more accurate. A second an more profound analysis, let us think that drinking is usually related to sharing a moment around a table, enjoying the taste of a good wine or the freshness of a beer. We feel relaxed and free to express what we have in mind in those moments. Besides, there is the alibi of being a bit "blau" (a bit pissed) and that what we stated must not be taken literally or in its primary meaning.
I guess, at least, I want to guess it, that this is the reason for which drinking aroused more reactions from the readers.
Yesterday we went to Sankt Nikolai Pub, an English style pub in Copenhagen, Daniel (the German), Daniel (the Dutchman) and me (the Argentinian). We met during our previous course of Danish. We are now able to communicate in Danish, so we meet in order to check if those other two guy are really as interesting as they seemed... for the moment, I was not deceived at all.
Good news for those pub attendants and table socialisers: it is no longer allowed to smoke inside the pubs in Copenhagen, if they are smaller than forty square metres (or so). Thus, let's go, drink, breath and enjoy our good moments, with hyggelige, fresh and savoury beers! Skål!

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Ale ha detto...

Si, probablemente la segunda teoria sea la mas acertada, aunque no descartaria del todo la primera, je!
Saludos de otro argentino desde Canada.

Ale ha detto...

Hola otra vez Mordi. Gracias por visitar el blog y perdon por la falta de espacio de opinion, ya puse una direccion de email. Me gustaria linkearte si no te molesta. saludos.

Mordi ha detto...

Hola Ale!

Linkee tranquilo, m'hijo.

Carina ha detto...

Hola, gusté de leer tu blog, tiene posts interesantes. Creo que por supuesto a todos le gusta de hablar de tragos :o). Pero en especial hoy…. FELIZ CUMPLAENOS!!!! Diviértete mucho tomando más algunos tragos ;o). Besitos, Carina

Carina ha detto...

Me olvidé de escribir "feliz cumpleanos" en portugués :o) "FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO" e que tenhas um dia lindo